A Smart Communication and Online Examination platform for Schools in India


Completely multilingual app and can support all Indian Languages. Integrated language tools assist users in reading and writing in language of their choice


Online Exams, Report Cards, Messaging, Planners, Attendance, Timetables, Assignments, Photo & Video Albums and Bus Tracking all in one app


App works for all users with smartphones and for those without a smartphone. App automatically sends all important information as SMS to users not using the App


App maintains school data for life and all users can come back years later to cherish all the good times spent at school


State-of-the-art app with modern design and smart features to foster meaningful interactions between school and parents


Intelligent message routing to reach the end user irrespective of whether the user uses a smartphone or not. Push notifications sent to notify users of new messages while full SMS sent to non-app users.


View and like photos and videos of all events in school. Slideshow, Download or Share photos with friends and family. All media libraries are preserved for life and users can come back to view them long after they were taken.


Everyday Classwork and Homework with due dates recorded by teachers and viewed by students and parents. Attach photographs of worksheets, chapters and other items not present in the book for students. View homework submissions, check & mark submissions for students & parents to view.


Upload learning videos on YouTube and share them from the School App. Students can search videos and other learning items by subject, date range and title.


Monitor all school buses live on a single dashboard. Parents too can track their kids school bus live on Google Maps. Approach notifications are sent to parents when bus is approaching their stop.


Record and View student attendance and compare with class and school average. Apply for leave of absence (student), review & approve leaves online (teacher). Notifications sent to parents when student is marked as absent.


Setup fees and other dues with installments and due dates. View receivables, overdue items and pending payments. Record payments against receivables and send reminder notifications for overdue items. Students and parents can view payments done and upcoming fee installments and other dues.


Online classrooms for all your classes at the same time. Share presentations, teach students online and make recordings available for later viewing. All integrated within the app. No links, no leaving the app.


All school and class events are recorded in always active planners. With periodic notifications sent to users of upcoming events at school parents will never miss a school event.


Class timetables with subject and teacher information. Meal timetables for each day of the week with sample photo. Notifications are automatically sent on timetable changes to keep students and parents informed.


Conduct online exams for all classes in your school simultaneously. Setup question papers online with multiple question types: Descriptive, Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice Multiple Answer. Allow students to upload documents & pictures in answers to questions. Share results with students and parents.

Your School App

Your very own school app with your logo and name will be published on Google Play Store (Android Phone) and Apple iTunes Store (iPhone and iPad). School App data can also be accessed on the web using a web browser and can be integrated to your school's website. You can download the sample apps from the app store below.


App is designed keeping in mind that it should be easy to use for everyone. Context based menus, lazy loading of large data and automatic sizing of photographs and many more latent features provide a seamless user experience


We are a motley group of software enthusiasts with entrepreneurial bend of mind set out to change status quo and make things better through technology. We have studied in some of the great institutions of our times (IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, AIIMS, etc) and shaping ideas into meaningful products gives us the adrenaline rush

Jai Gopal

Jai Gopal



He is a technocrat with over 30 years of experience in Power Generation Industry. He holds a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Roorkee (Formerly University of Roorkee).  Has worked in Thermal and Hydro Power utilities in various capacities.

Sandeep Ojha

Sandeep Ojha

Senior Manager, Sales

Sales & Marketing

I have a journey from selling school franchise to selling School software. I have been actively involved in opening of Euro Kids school franchise to selling software in education sector for over 15 years. I have been setting up computer labs across schools in India to transform traditional mode of education into online mode and remove all hassles of conducting exams in traditional ways

Manisha Goel

Manisha Goel

Co-founder, Director

Customer Happiness

I am a nutritionist with an interest in educating individuals to meet health goals through daily diet and simple routine. I enjoy making diets for kids with a healthy twist much to the delight of mothers. I have worked at AIIMS & St Stephen's Hospital, New Delhi in various capacities as a Nutritionist and Dietician. I graduated from Lady Irvin College, Delhi University.

Vasanti Mulajkar

Vasanti Mulajkar

Product Partner

Product Partner

I am a SEO & Digital Marketing expert and an entrepreneur (Director of VM3 Tech Solutions LLP). I have developed software products in education field and staffing solution. I have also provided software development and digital marketing services in multiple market segments (e.g. Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing Industries and Pharmacy Distribution). I have completed my education as ‘MCM’ and PGDBM (HR)

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